What I do to help you:

  • Confidential personalised and dedicated advice
  • Build confidence and create value proposition and CV
  • Ability to break down complex processes into simple actionable steps


  • NLP Basic & Master Practitioner, FCMA, CGMA, AIET 
  • 40 X Changed Job / Company 
  • 5 X Moved career overseas 
  • 40 years in management and Board roles, international commercial (UK, Europe, Asia and Middle East), Deputy CEO, CFO, Com Dir, Gen Mgr, NEDOwner managed, family, VC, PE-backed, MBO/MBI, FTSE, AIM, franchise, not for profit, charity, school, public sector, large corporates, start ups and online businesses
  • More than 20 different industry sectors 


Nigel Armitt - 2021

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Nigel Armitt
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First success coach